How to Use Quick Payment Channel? Quick Payment   

How to Use Quick Payment Channel?

  At present, our website has two credit card payment methods. If one credit card payment method doesn't work or failure, please try another one payment can pay order again through the quick payment at the top of our website.If pay with Credit Card, pls make sure your card get authorization for overseas payment, otherwise the payment will be rejected by the bank.      

Note:Firstly,suggest to use WU or MG payment and get discount. 

Secondly, the amount of your credit card has deductions will more than your order amount (the amount of difference was causes of the exchange rate differenceand International transaction fees, and each of credit card of the difference is not the same).


Please read the following information carefully!

In our site top (or bottom) right corner, there are quick payment channel, it is very convenient to use.

If your order failed, or if you have not pay for your order, you can login your account (This step is necessary) first, and then you just need fill your order number, click the payment, it will takes you to the credit card page, you just need fill your credit card information, then you can pay it in our site directly.

Why our site has the Quick Payment Channel?
1. Use the Quick payment Channel, it can avoid repeat orders before you pay for it. Someone try to check out every time, the site system will give you a new order number every time. So you do not need do it like that, you can use the Quick Payment and pay for it directly.
2. Or sometimes you make the order now, but you want to pay for it few days later, the order will still available for you. When you want to pay for it, you just need login your account, fill the right order number, click the payment, you can pay it by credit card directly.
3. Sometimes the order failed, you do not need to make a new order, you just need login your account, go to our site top(or bottom) right corner; use the Quick Payment Channel, you just need fill your right order number, click the payment, and then you can pay it by credit card directly.
4. When you want to add some items after you make an order, we will quote to you, you can use the Quick Payment Channel, you just need fill the order number as we send, and you can pay it by credit card directly.

Before you make the order, please remember to make the account first, keep the password too. So next time, you can login your account to view your order details easily! If you forget the password, please contact with us, we will re-set the password to you.

Any other questions, please contact us directly. customer service. Or you can click the Service Online, and then we can talk directly!

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